MarsViage, taking off to the red planet and your oxygen levels are running out! Collect colored balloons to keep your adventure going while avoiding the meteors and test your skills here in MarsViage!

After hitting "Run Game" button, click Full Screen button and then click anywhere on the screen and you can start controlling the astronaut.
Movement using keyboard: Arrow keys / WASD

Yellow Balloons = +1 point to oxygen meter | Red Balloons = Fill up oxygen meter full | Asteroids damage your oxygen meter

Programming/Concepts: Igal Bronshtein
Music/Sound Effects/Concepts: Sebastian Lane
Art/Design: Alex Wyatt

This is a submission for the

Igal Bronshtein Discord Username: @igalbn#1325
Sebastian Lane Discord Username: @YukonRocker#4785
Alex Wyatt Discord Username: @DingoTheDino22#0561


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I got a score of 1600 :) is it possible to get to the planet?